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At some point in life, everyone needs help, but many don't have the resources to seek out and receive it. All of us at Erving's Companies, LLC is working hard  to change that situation, by providing a platform and place for people to learn and achieve their goals. We do a lot to Help Others in and around our community, but we can't do it all by ourselves, that's where you come in at.

A donation of any amount contributes to Helping Erving's Help Others. We provide a place for people to learn, a place where they can exercise what they've learned, and a platform to start bringing in income for themselves and their families. Erving's Companies, LLC provides the training that individuals will need to succeed in the logistics industry, after they're trained, they will have the option of coming aboard our team as an employee or as an independent contractor. Your donation Helps Erving's Help Others by helping us provide lunches, shirts, classroom necessities, computers, tables, chairs, phones etc.. while continue to provide a place for people to learn and exercise what they've learned. Click the donate button below to Help Erving's Help Others!



What we do

Erving's Companies, LLC is a minority owned company which is a leader in the transportation and logistics industry. We train and consult individuals that are looking to join the logistics industry. We also help connect the world by providing shipping and logistics solutions to those who are looking to move their products from point A to point B.

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All proceeds will go to Helping Erving's Help Others. Your donation will help us provide a better place to train people, purchase more computers and office supplies, provide lunches during training, provide shirts, provide tools that are needed to work after completing our training, software to use while training and more....

After making your donation, you will receive a gift from us to show our appreciation.

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